Street corner hottie

Street Corner hottie

Street Corner hottie

Street corner hottie at 12 0′clock. I am a big fan of skirts and feel this one was quite hot. She definitely stay in shape unlike a lot of beer drinking women. Don’t you hate the women who act like they are the hottest thing on earth and they have a pot belly or some junk on the inner thighs? Oh yes – they piss me off. Or the women that smoke you at the bar by drink sharking you. They act all nice until you give them their $15 dollar cocktail and pull a Houdini. Next time a girl approaches me at the bar I will buy them a nasty drink like a cement mixer or something with southern comfort. “OMG What is a cement mixer?!?” I only normally get martinis and mojitos” “Sweetie all you have to do is take it like a shot – mix them together- you will love it I promise!”

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